Visiting The Cemetery



  • Please respect the privacy of people who are attending funerals or visiting family memorials.
  • flower theft is a crime punishable by imprisonment- Penal Code 602. Flower, decoration and vase theft will be prosecuted by the Ontario Cemetery Association.
  • Bellevue is not responsible for theft or damage to flowers or items left at the cemetery. We do not reimburse for the cost of the flowers or items missing from graves, crypts or niches. Please consider this when placing flowers or other decorations.
  • This is NOT a public park. The following is NOT allowed: Picnics, alcoholic beverages, tents, ball playing or laying down on lawns or benches
  • When leaving your car, please lock all doors and remove all valuables. The cemetery is not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles or contents on this property, and assumes no responsibility for articles lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Please Walk with care around grave memorials, lawn vases and sprinkler heads.
  • Please ensure that children under 16 years of age are accompanied by an adult
  • Loitering is prohibited.
  • Pets are not allowed on the grounds or in the buildings, and must remain in your vehicle.
  • Feeding or disturbing the birds and wildlife is prohibited.
  • Please be careful not to damage trees and plants or pick flowers. Please do not crawl or climb onto the planters, as many of these are scattering garden interment areas.
  • smoking is not allowed in any of the buildings.


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